Getting to know us...


     KPN Consulting was founded by Keith Nagel in 2001 to provide IT consulting services and custom software solutions in New York City. Thanks to the global reach of the Internet we now have clients all over the world. We work with law offices and industrial innovators to help them better understand and use information technology as it applies to intellectual property. We are now located in the Portland Oregon area.

Consider using our services and software to facilitate access to patent information and improve your bottom line.


     Our first commercial software product IP-Discover, released in the late autumn of 2001. The product is currently in it's 23rd release and supports patent document and search servers USPTO, Espacenet, Depatisnet, WIPO, KIPRIS and Google.


     ClassClarify is our solution to understanding and using the USPTO Manual of Classification.


     We're committed to writing solid and reliable code to handle your tough IP problems. Our products are in use around the world, from Australia to America and all points between.